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Demo Reels

Custom demo reels and scenes written, produced, and edited by our team at Reel It Up Studios. Shot on location in Charlotte, NC. 

Demo Reel

Shea Davis

Grounded feat. Arlie Minter, The Tornado feat. Melanie Lech, Essynce Victoria, John Bonds, and Angela feat. John Bonds, Darius Lamar. Filmed on Blackmagic PCC 6k in 2023. Shea is represented by The Whoa Agency.

Demo Reel

Mia Chaney

Goodbye featuring Harlow Conklin and Can You Gimmie a Ride? featuring Melanie Lech. Filmed in 2022. Mia is represented by The Brock Agency.

Demo Reel

Robert Blaine

I Got Him Back featuring Colby Lewis and Closing In featuring Melanie Lech. Filmed on Blackmagic PCC 6k in 2022. Robert Blaine is signed with Carolina Talent Agency.

Demo Reel

Abigail Jayne Hinton

The Cove featuring Mia Chaney and Nationals featuring PJ Barnes. Filmed in 2022. Abigail is signed with Carolina Talent Agency.

Demo Reel

Samantha Karen Hinton

Moving featuring Liz Branca and Agent Harriet featuring Melanie Lech and Alex Bradford Cobb. Filmed in 2022. Sammy is represented by Carolina Talent Agency.

Demo Reel

Jacqueline Hayden Hinton

Date featuring Greg Paroff and The Cove featuring Mia Chaney. Filmed in 2022. Jax is signed with Carolina Talent Agency.

Comedic Scene

Office Hackers

Comedic scene featuring Shannon Wright and Alex Bradford Cobb. Mockumentary genre. Filmed 2022. Shannon is represented by JTA Talent Agency.

Dramatic Scene

Dead End

Shannon Wright, Lauren Miller, and Amanda Steiner chose a combination package to showcase their dramatic chops. Crime genre. Filmed 2022. Shannon is signed with JTA Talent Agency.

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